Camiseta de futbol

Weaving Workshop Pedro Martin

During this residency program in design week Mexico we had the chance to meet with different artisans. When we visited the textile workshop „Mazatzin“ of Pedro Martin Conception Textiles, Pedro explained that Mexican men do not wear traditional textiles anymore. I therefore questioned myself about how we could develop a new vision for this craft, that would interest and attract men, while maintaining its original aspect. That when I proposed to Pedro to imagine the new jerseys of the national Mexican soccer team, as it was to me an interesting object that must be innovative and performing at the same time, and that, above all, popularly embodies the country‘s history. This football jersey, handcrafted and weaved, is mixing function and ornamentation, playing with the density of the mesh to create breathing areas and with colorful embroidered symbols, inspired by traditional patterns.

Assisted by Julie Dancre